Dribbles Of Love - Full Length Album FREE for all Spring of 2019

The Freebie of the Spring

It was Spring 2018 while the last music of this album finally done. This was my first ever album on stores, and about 3 upcoming as well on world genre. Music "Sun Above The Trees" inspired in the middle of a forest, it was i think a good, remake of the 8th music "The Path Of The Secret Forest" but this time with strong rythm. I remember i had it on my phone and doing walks on this place and over this tune all these melodies came :) It is digital flute the sound of the main instrument and a kind of bouzouki melody within! Three months later this album finaly released on all Digital Music Stores below.

Now, one year later, -half of the release date- because of the days and the spiritual meaning of spring, i decide that it was good idea to make present this album, free download for everyone who likes this kind of music, and maybe wants to listen. Or for other artists who maybe wants synch, or the copyrights for maybe songs on them. Until June 2019 that summer begins!

(Click here or on the image to download a copy for free!)

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Thank you everyone,
George Stavroulis