In ancient Greece "Ampnoe" meant "Breath". This word was honored to describe the allegorical concept of image-based arts which through animation, graphics, and sound effects have the lead to give a "breath" of entertainment. Let it not be considered as a name of a company, but it's within the limits of a web portfolio.

Stories for young and old will take place time to time always by incredible sounds, awesome music, new scenarios or revival of old novels that will cause crazy laughter and ...emotion!



   Drawing was always a big interest, and 3d design after my 16 because of the first computer i had. It was the first days that Pentium 4 had been released. "Daylight dreamer" but new ideas every time, and creativity on the paper since then!

  Along the way and reasons of the Vocational Technical School (informatics) and by this "new" computer, at free time i started to combine drawing with the programs for designing. It was great for me the Bryce 5 and free versions of Poser for human figure Design. Later, when my choice was to follow Multimedia studies and 3d design, i turn a small intro to 3DS MAX and Blender.

Some of my first Renders with Bryce 5


   It stems from creativity, imagination, inspiration and an inner impulse for composing by combining various musical instruments and sounds.

  Rythm, Bass and melodies makes -at least- a traveling atmosphere. This may causes emotions, brings long ago memories to accompany our present and future. There are experiences that live through the music only. There are many emotional branches in people that rarely be revealed without the action of music, melodies, or the songs. Music is a strange thing. It is mathematical accuracy, it is harmony, and a wonderfull configuration of sounds that we do not know where it can be reached.

  In ancient Greece (6th c. B.C. - 4th c. B.C.) The Pythagoreans followed a daily music therapy routine: the music before bedtime helped them get rid of them riots and noises of the day and have a light sleep with good dreams. Also during the uprising, they performed special chants and pieces for lyra so they were relieved of night sickness and prepared for the demands of the day. It is also reported that the effectiveness of Pythagoreans musical therapies was due to the right choice and the right combination of ways and rhythms, the ethos of which they had thoroughly studied. (**1)

   Plato (427-347 BC) was saying that "Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything".

**1: 36. West, ό.π., page. 31-33



Music Scores:

   I was always loved composing music as well as drawing. I learned music alone, without having any musical instrument. As kid made sense for me discovering and hearing everything produce clear sounds. My Grandmother had a small metal mortar and when you lightly tapped with the finger or with that tiny pestle it was getting a very pure metallic sound. Maybe it was a rumor of my grandfather's angles from Thrace. As kid, that was my interest all day long!

  Later, when i saw piano games, or musical instruments in rooms of friends... i was busy with these sounds for hours!

  For me, at least, this inner impulse was always been existed to composing and produsing music and later, until the age of finishing Multimedia studies, my first few albums with a variety of sounds and a variety of instruments.

  As kid, i was listening to the radio and i remember thinking that i love these songs I listen to, but I want to try to write music as well now! In other words, to be liberated in the notes and in the poetry of music.


    • Composing Scores for film and television.
    • Web Designing
    • 3D Human Modeling & Landscaping for Games/Videos/Logos.
For inquiries please contact: gstavroulis@outlook.com