Sergey is always inspired to create new projects! He writes and direct his own amazing scenarios. The techniques he uses are many and varied. Sometimes the handmade maquette and models, in which everything seems to come alive, to be in constant motion and usually evolving a bunch of situations with these small and well-designed objects -"actors". Other times computer, digital animation and sound processing are the basic tools for creating these wonderful video clips.

"...I do not like most of the themes of the "official" multimedia industry, so... I make my own!"

I do not know where to start really,

So as not to leave one of the many "personal stories" but as in this case, it is impossible to avoid becoming a "simulacrum", will say straight away that this story is quite simple. I do not like most of the themes of the "official" multimedia industry, so I make my own. Some things are good only because they have a personal "warm lamp" story. What is likely to be a kind of psychological "anchor", it is pleasant to listen and to review them from time to time to be yourself.

Any art is the strongest "magnet" to affect the audience and the listeners, distorting our reality so much that even changing the fate of many, many people. Unfortunately, the awareness of responsibility for the things you do for the public: “nourishing” the dark or bright side of the soul, comes too late. ...Some authors do not think about it at all. About myself, I that try to be on the wave of a neo-romantic audience who is interested in unusual things, therefore I try to illustrate paradoxical sensations rising from the depths of dreams.

How much will it be "destructive" or "constructive" for listeners ...?

Okay, just close this page before it's too late! :-)

For those who stayed, I will continue. All this creative activity began in 1986, when I was 11 years old. It all started with a broken amateur movie camera "Ekran-4" 2x8 mm, found in the wagon of a commuter train. My Father repaired it, and for some time he filmed a home chronicle, after which he gave me the movie camera to me. So there was a "micro-film studio DETECTIV". I immediately began to make cartoons from different things, using frame-by-frame shooting (stop-motion). My first purchase for the first money I earned was an optical filter for a movie camera with a "foggy halo" effect. Simultaneously with the cartoons, the question arose about their dubbing. Thus it turned out the "Katushka band". ("the Spool of thread")

During the period of stagnation of the USSR of the 1980s of the 90s, talented, but in many ways destructive musical projects began to penetrate into the country en masse. Impressed by them on domestic soil began to grow similar local musical groups. For the most part, the whole "Russian" rock of those times is a crooked mirror of well-known English-speaking groups and, in fact, represents a very dull, depressive environment, immersion in which simply draws all the spiritual energy necessary for personal development. 90% of them are impossible to listen to, although many fans may argue ... Not the point.

In my opinion, a person can be compared with a prism, which absorbs all possible signals of the surrounding world, and then repeatedly amplifies those that resonate with its inner "essence". When the inner overflow becomes unbearable., he strives to repeat his impressions as clearly as possible in the form of creativity: be it music, literature, cinema or painting. In turn, this resonates in other people and goes further, modifying the invisible giant cloud of the noosphere, which scientist Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky spoke about. ...We need vivid examples to follow!

I will not say that nothing has affected me, I will simply list the key things for those who are interested:

From music this is:
Paganini "Concerto for violin and orchestra No.5 in A minor", Bathory 1991 "Twilight Of The Gods", My Dying Bride, Vangelis, Edward Artemyev, Alexey Rybnikov
From the literature - Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann, The Karelian epic "Kalevala"
From cinema "The Andromeda nebula" 1967, "Sadko" 1952, "Bladerunner" 1982
From architecture - a gothic style, megalits
Artists - Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin, Alfons Maria Mucha, Salvador Dali, Jacek Yerka...
From a science - Paleontology, Astronomy...

The list goes on, but I think that's enough.

Against the background of the "Perestroika" of the USSR and the appearance of numerous rock bands, my friends and I also created our own punk rock band! Against the background of the "Perestroika" of the USSR and the appearance of numerous rock bands, my friends and I also created our own punk rock band! We recorded a few noisy tapes with obscene humor, which no one should be allowed to listen to))) ... All of this was presented as a joke, so no ethical standards existed for the songs. ...This is a joke, really, ok! Shock content, booze, Makhach (street fights) because it's funny! ... Probably... ? Hmm ... Later, all this was transformed into a "heroic" metal-rock, then smoothly turned into neo-romantic rock, after which everyone safely dispersed on four sides.

"Resin eras"

It is worth mentioning such a phenomenon as the home computer ZX Spectrum, on which it was possible to program primitive funny games and play different sounds that resemble drums. When personal computers finally supplanted the Spectrum, an echo of that wonderful era left an enthusiasm for HTML and some tunes of "Katushka band".

I Consciously do not write here about the "work" at several studios, where we painted "don't understand what," it is not known for whom. What the whole modern film industry is doing - it actively creates seasonal products, which are then sent straight to the trash can, with the exception of a couple of really cool things that appear once every five years. In any case, I have not yet come across a full-fledged scientific analysis of the centuries-old history of the influence of cinematographic images on our life.

In parallel with various custom "works", I continue to do the author's animation and sound design. The most enduring musical project was and remains a virtual "band" "Katushka", which exists as noise support for animation. The main theme is light irony, expressed through unusual things and rare events with some game elements. I record many of the necessary sounds directly onto a voice recorder using a variety of items.

Plans for the future to make a fantastic movie dedicated to the scientific research of the Kuiper belt ... Or Oort clouds? There will probably be something else! )))

Such is the story in brief. Appreciate your loved ones, thanks to them your eccentricities and hobbies have a peaceful haven for development ...
Well, and ...

All good mood and interesting finds in web archeology!
There is a secret in the forest,
That among the roots, absorbs the mind
In the depths of loose, peat land.
Angles of ancient ships imperishable.
And the hoop of forgotten glory,
Remember how we went on oars,
In the leaden day,
Among the grinned debris of rocks.
Chilly wind shaggy hair of wolfskin.
There, in the cimmerian depth, on the horizon,
Perhaps the new land -
Or death.
Slippery worm of icy boards,
Shields shine with a bronze pattern.
Oars churn the black glass of the waves.
Hairy belly of low clouds.
Ferocious North to me Deer Mother.
From the coast we go further,
Oarlocks creaking with effort.
The helmsman confidently holds the course.
By the lot of the gods, by the will of the wind.
This morning we set off.
And what's next -
Darkness of ages, earthly history,
Forgotten exploits, mute silence.
Hall of Fame of Fallen Warriors is empty.
Only shadows without names.
And what is our memory?
When fate bound the hoop to me.
Everyone has time -
Choose for yourself a radiant path.
So easy - live!
Leaving the myth.
And ancient ocher of burial mounds.
Hard sleep, deep, underground.
In the roots of spruces and pines ...
And Snake edge of gold.
Flash in the rot.
Beckons, disappears.
And traces of past memory.
Knots of forgotten words.
Do not remember.
Create his legend.




KATOO500 KINO2X8mm Kvadroamga
Cinemamusic Wallpaper