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It was characterized as a well-written musical journey. It is music without words, but with various melodies, intense rhythm and strong bass on almost all tracks. It was released in the summer of 2018. Inspiration to compose these 12 musics came by the beauties and mysteries of Nature. This album took me 4.5 years to write, these were indeed the best years of my life!!!

Nature is dominant everywhere. On the earth, in the wind, in the water. In the forests with the the flowers and the fragrant air , in the variety of trees, plants, animals, in people. Nature includes all beings, while her face is visible beyond them. She is everywhere and appears her different "faces". Infinite space, infinite time. Natural contractions and mystery challenge!

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It was Spring 2018 while the last music of this album finally done . This was my first ever album on stores, and about 3 upcoming as well on world genre. "Sun Above The Trees" inspired in the middle of a forest, it was i think a good, remake of the 8th music "The Path Of The Secret Forest" but this time with strong rythm. I remember i had it on my phone and doing walks on this place and over this tune all these melodies came :) It is digital flute the sound of the main instrument and a kind of bouzouki melody within! Three months later this album finaly released on all Digital Music Stores below.

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Thank you everyone,
George Stavroulis

"Dribbles Of Love" IS OUT NOW!

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Original Release Date: 10 July 2018
Label: Independent
Music production & Art Cover of the Album : George Stavroulis
Copyright Year: 2014-2018©

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